Vision, Value & Aims

Our Vision

Our aim in Graeme High School is to develop the talents of each individual pupil as fully as possible within a pleasant and orderly environment.

Pupils are encouraged to set their own personal standards of excellence in all aspects of their lives—the academic, the practical, the sporting and in their social development.

Members of staff attempt to help our pupils achieve these standards by adopting levels of expectation which are both realistic and demanding.  We aim to foster a sense of pride in achievement in each of our pupils

Our Community Vision

As a community we strive to break down barriers, include all and deliver opportunities to develop potential, widen horizons and build positive futures.   At the heart of this is a nurturing environment in which rights are respected.

Our Community Aims

1. To ensure everybody is equal, treated fairly and has access to the same opportunities to enable them to reach their potential. (UN Articles 1, 2 and 23)

2. To ensure that the physical and mental wellbeing of all pupils and staff is at the centre of all of our decisions. (UN Articles 3,19 and 34)

3. To encourage full participation in all aspects of school life to help pupils to not only attain but excel. (UN Articles 28 and 29)

4. To give everyone in our school community an opportunity to express their opinions and have their voice heard.  (UN Articles 12 & 13)