At present the 1040 pupils who attend the school are served by a teaching staff of 92.9 (including P.E. and Music staff shared with our cluster primary schools) with a Support for Pupils complement of 7.

The school management team currently comprises the Headteacher and Depute Head Teachers (D.H.T.) and a Resources & Administration Manager.


Ms Lesley A  Carroll


Depute Head Teacher

Mr Ross Queenan  

Morrison House


Mr Stephen Beath  

Lockhart House


Mrs Kristy Rennie  

Steele House


Mr Andrew Buchanan 

Thomson House    


Resource Manager

Mrs Eira Walls


Each  Depute Head Teacher  responsible for a House.  Our four Houses: Lockhart, Steele, Thomson and Morrison take their names from the former Rectors of the school.

The Support for Pupils Team consists of four Depute House Heads.  Each are responsible for a specific group of pupils and they maintain a close interest in these pupils throughout the time they are in  Graeme High School.  Our PT ASN has responsibility for the management of Support for Pupils. This means looking after all of the additional needs of our pupils and liaising with agencies outside the school.

Each house is also supported by two curricular Principal Teachers and a House Link who work with four form classes, and a team of form teachers who  remain with pupils throughout their time at Graeme High School.






Pastoral PTs

 Roz Dunning

Lisa Forbes

Sinead Bradley

Amanda Ringrose

Curricular PTs/House Link

Kevin Kennedy

Caroline Harper

Andrew Kennedy

Elaine Peat

David McLeod

Susan Chisholm

Laura Bell

Lorna Lyon


Lauren Buchanan

Michele Phee

Jennifer Faill