Parental Involvement

All Falkirk Council schools welcome parental involvement. Research has shown that when parents are involved, children do better in school.

Parents Meetings

Graeme High offers opportunities for parents to discuss their child's progress with teachers through arranged meetings.  In addition to these set dates, parents are able to contact the school at any time to ask for information or for a meeting.   An evening parents’ consultation meeting is arranged for each year group during the session to enable parents to discuss with their child’s teachers subject assessment, attitude to work and general progress. Parents receive a letter of invitation to parents’ meetings when these are arranged and an appointment sheet.  These letters and sheets are normally sent home to parents via pupils.  A reminder is also sent out to parents’ telephone. A list of all important dates in the school  calendar is sent to parents each August. This will also appear each year on our website. It is extremely important that all parents/carers attend the consultation evening. This is a vital opportunity to review progress and to set targets for the year ahead. Staff are always well prepared for these occasions and a full attendance of parents encourages them in their work. It also lets pupils know that both parents and staff care deeply about their progress and their welfare.  Additional information meetings are held for particular year groups to keep parents informed at key stages in their child’s education.  At all parents evenings, parents are able to feedback to the school via parental questionnaires and Senior Management Team members are also on-hand to assist with any questions, issues or concerns.

Pupil Reports

Full reports are issued each session, and Target setting update letters are sent out routinely throughout the year to keep parents informed of their child’s progress.  Copies of pupil reports are received by form tutors and Depute Head of House. The form tutor will speak to each pupil offering praise and support for improvement.

Letters to Parents

Regular newsletters containing items of information and topics of interest about school activities is produced.  Each pupil is given a copy to take home.  Furthermore, the school endeavours to contact by post or by telephone the parent of any child about whom particular concern is felt.

Contact with the School

Parents are always welcome at the school to discuss matter of concern.  Your child has been placed in one of the three Houses of the school.  We ask that you contact your child’s Depute House Head in the first instance as she/he is the person with the closest link to your son or daughter and is therefore most likely to be able to help you with your enquiry or concern.

Should a more senior involvement become necessary, the House Head responsible for your child’s house group will be the person who can give most help.  It is strongly recommended that you telephone the school in the first instance to arrange an appointment as both Depute House Heads and House Heads have teaching and other  commitments.  If an emergency arises, we will always make  arrangements for a parent to be seen by a member of the Management Team at short notice.