Home Learning

Home Learning is an essential element in successful learning.

It allows efficient use of class time, skills to be reinforced and encourages pupils to develop habits of study, research and independence in learning. It can create time for higher order thinking and extend pupil understanding. Graeme High School is therefore committed to issuing regular home learning opportunities to enhance the learning experiences of our pupils.

Home Learning:

  • Improves understanding and learning of coursework and therefore raises attainment
  • Enhances independent learning skills and encourage regular, individual study skills
  • Provides opportunities for higher order thinking and skills
  • Develops self esteem through positive feedback
  • Provides parents with an opportunity to monitor the progress of their children
  • Encourages the development of effective study habits

Parents are partners in education and have a valuable role to play in supporting the school policies in this area. Specific advice about how to support your child in this area is available on our website.

Supported Study

Graeme High School endeavours to help pupils with their studies and homework in a number of ways. One of the most important of these is the supported study scheme. To support student learning, subject areas provide additional lunchtime and after-school support sessions to address areas of difficulty. Teachers make themselves available to help pupils with revision and preparation  for  national and prelim examination. These additional classes significantly help to increase the number of pupils reaching their learning targets.