The following websites provide a useful information for parents. Additional sites are highlighted on our school website:

Parentzone provide information and resource for parents and Parent Councils.

Parentzone Scotland is a unique website for parents and carers in Scotland, from early years to beyond school.  The website provides up-to-date information about learning in Scotland, and practical advice and ideas to support children’s learning at home in literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing and science.  Information is also available on Parentzone Scotland regarding additional support needs, how parents can get involved in their child’s school and education.  Furthermore, the website has details about schools including performance data for school leavers from S4-S6; and links to the national, and local authority and school level data on the achievement of Curriculum for Excellence levels.  

Parentzone Scotland can be accessed at

Information about how the curriculum is structured and curriculum planning –

Broad General Education in the Secondary School – A Guide for Parents and Carers

Information on the Senior Phase

Information on Skills for learning, life and work – skillsforlearning.asp

The Skills Development Scotland website ‘My World of Work’ offers a number of tools to support career planning –

Scottish Qualifications Authority provides information for teachers, parents, employers and young people on qualifications

A wide variety of additional information is available from our school website. Within the Parent/ Carer Zone you will find extended information on many of the sections contained in this handbook, as well as details of  school policies. 

Please also find additional information provided by Falkirk Council below.

Active Schools

Active Schools are now part of Falkirk Community Trust. Active Schools aims to provide more and higher quality opportunities to take part in sport and physical activity before, during lunchtime and after school, to develop effective pathways between schools and sports clubs in the local community.

Active School co-ordinators work with primary, secondary and additional support needs schools to increase the number and diversity of children and young people participating in Active Schools activities. In Falkirk there are 8 cluster schools that co-ordinators work with to provide clubs, events and coach education training, For further information please contact 01324 590952.


Insurance Cover for School Children

Public Liability

Personal Injury

Falkirk Council has in force a Public Liability policy which operates in respect of claims for injury to any school child whilst in the control of the Council or employees, however the onus is on the claimant to prove that the Council have been legally negligent.

Pupil’s Property

Each session, unfortunately but inevitably, pupil’s property is lost, damaged or stolen from school. Parents are therefore discouraged from allowing their children to carry expensive items of personal belongings to the school and are reminded that a standard household policy can be extended to provide a degree of cover for personal items taken away from the home. Falkirk Council are not legally responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items unless specifically entrusted to a staff member.

Any claim made for loss or damage to the property left in the care of the school will have to be submitted, in the first instance to Children’s Services, and the claim will only be settled if it is shown that the Council can be held legally liable for the loss.

Personal Accident Cover – Educational Excursions

The Council has in force personal accident cover for school children under which compensation is payable in the circumstances below, irrespective of legal liability.

 1.  Death     £30,000
 2.  Permanent Total/Partial Disablement   up to £30,000     

The insurance applies to any activities involving a journey outside the premises of the School – both in the UK and overseas – organised by the school/Council.

Transferring Educational Data About Pupils

The Scottish Government and its partners collect and use information about pupils in schools (e.g. the number and characteristics of pupils, their attendance, absence and exclusions, their attainment and their destination when leaving school) to help to improve education across Scotland. This note explains why we need this information, how we use it and what we do to protect the information supplied to us.

For more information on the Scottish Government privacy notice see the link below


If you have any concerns about the ScotXed data collections you can email the Head of Schools Analysis, Mick Wilson, at or write to Education Analytical Services, Area 2D, Victoria Quay, Leith, EH6 6QQ.

Primary to Secondary Transfer

Children visit their secondary school in preparation for the move from Primary 7 to 1st Year.

Each cluster of schools (i.e. the secondary school and its associated primary schools) makes its own transition arrangements. Generally, visits take place in the summer term, with a programme of activities for pupils in classroom relating to their secondary subjects.  Sporting and social activities may also be planned. Pupils, therefore, become familiar with the new school, their new teachers and their new classmates.

Clusters also arrange for secondary school subject teachers to visit Primary 7 classes from time to time, with the cluster agreeing each year which subject areas should be the focus for these. Secondary teachers of PE and Music regularly visit primary schools to support the teaching of these subjects.

Most secondary schools also have an information evening for parents of Primary 7 children at which they can gain information about uniform, lunchtime arrangements, school clubs, etc.

Pupils with Additional Support Needs

Secondary school Pastoral and Support for Learning teachers make visits to the Primary 7 class to get to know the children and their needs, including any Additional Support for Learning Needs. Visits by Support for Learning staff sometimes take place as early as Primary 6 to help with additional arrangements for those children for whom the move to secondary school may present particular challenges.

Moving to the denominational secondary school

Children who are baptized Catholic

With the exception of some pupils at St Patrick’s PS, pupils who are in Primary 7 in denominational primary schools (Sacred Heart PS, St Andrew’s PS, St Mary’s PS, St Francis Xavier’s PS and St Joseph’s PS) move to St Mungo’s HS.
Pupils in Primary 7 at St Patrick’s PS attend St Modan’s HS in Stirling.

Children who are non-Catholic

Parents of non-RC baptised pupils who were enrolled through a Placing Request at a denominational primary school must submit a further Placing Request if they wish them to transfer to St Mungo’s High School. These pupils are, otherwise, automatically entitled to transfer to their catchment non-denomination secondary school.

Moving between denominational and non-denominational schools

Parents who intend to send their children to St Mungo’s HS from a non-denominational primary school, or from a Catholic primary school to their catchment non-denominational high school, should make known their intentions both to the primary school and the secondary school as soon as possible.  This enables the necessary transfer arrangements to be made.