Additional Support Needs

As with all local authority schools in Scotland, this school operates under the terms of the Additional Support for Learning Act (2009) and its accompanying Code of Practice. Further details of the policies and procedures can be found on the Falkirk Council website:

Working with other agencies and professionals, for example, Social Work Services, Educational Psychology Service, National Health Service and parents, decisions are made jointly with parents, children and young people with regards to the best possible education to meet the needs of the child within the resources available.

Support for pupils

Pupils’ additional support needs will be identified and addressed through the Getting It Right For Every Child processes. This involves close co-operation between the parent or carer, the child and the staff in school – they are the core part of the Team Around the Child. Others involved in your child’s education and well-being will also be part of the Team, and will help to complete a rounded picture of assessment where appropriate. The Team will also draw up and review plans to meet the needs identified. Their activities are co-ordinated by the Named Person, who is responsible for ensuring plans are implemented and has an overall picture of the pupil’s progress. You will be told who the Named Person is for your child when they start school—this will usually be your child’s Depute Head of House. If you believe your child may have unrecognised additional support needs, your first point of contact should be your child’s

Depute Head of House.

The school makes provision for pupils with additional support needs throughout their education:

  • each teacher differentiates the Curriculum for Excellence within their class to provide educational targets and objectives suited to their age and stage of development
  • the school has experienced Additional Support Needs Teachers to co-ordinate and organise support for children
  • the school can call on the time of a Support for Learning Assistant where required

In addition, the authority maintains other specialist provision to meet the needs of children experiencing severe and complex disabilities, sensory impairments, significant and those with complex social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. This includes some provisions based in mainstream schools, and there is also a specialist team supporting bilingual and travelling pupils, those with long- term illnesses, and other children with significant additional support needs.

Depute Headteacher, Mr Ross Queenan maintains an overview of all pupil support issues and also chairs the School Liaison Group which directly focuses the combined energies of school-based and external colleagues to support pupils who are experiencing particular difficulties. The School Liaison Group meets regularly and manages the extent of external involvement in all such cases.

Key staff  include:
Mr Ross Queenan - Depute Head Teacher Personal Support
Ms Adrienne Galletly - Principal Teacher Additional Support Needs and Enhanced Curriculum
Mrs Susan Chisholm - Principal Teacher of Inclusion
Ms Susi Wakely - Educational Psychologist