Achievement Award

The Graeme High School Achievement Award has been designed to recognise and celebrate pupils’ wider achievements, many of which happen outside the four walls of the classroom. The categories are similar to three out of the four Duke of Edinburgh award categories. This means that by the end of S3, there is a smooth transition and pupils can progress on to the Duke of Edinburgh Award if they wish. It also offers pupils who may not be involved in many extra-curricular the opportunity to set themselves challenges and get involved.

The three categories that pupils will work towards are Physical, Skills and Community Involvement. To achieve the award each year, pupils must have completed activities from all 3 categories for a sustained period of time. If all three categories are not met by the end of the year, all is not lost and pupils can work on building upon their achievements the following year at their own pace.  Some  pupils may find that they are doing relevant activities in their spare time which would count towards achieving the award—the award is designed to recognise and celebrate activities.

S1—Pupils work towards a Bronze Star Award
S2—Pupils work towards a Silver Star Award
S3—Pupils work towards a Gold Star Award

All S1-3 students are supported by their form prefect and through PSE lessons. Prefects act as senior verifiers and one of their responsibilities is to act as encourager and mentor to ensure students keep on track with their activities and achievements.   Pupils are given time both in form class and PSE classes to give them every opportunity to reflect and log their successes for the year both in and out of classrooms.