Rights Respecting Schools (RRS) is run by UNICEF, a worldwide leading organisation which supports schools to promote the Rights of the Child throughout their school ethos and curriculum. These rights allow every child to be educated, healthy, listened to and treated fairly.

They also protect children from abuse, exploitation and violence.

At Graeme High School we are working to achieve the RRS Silver award this year. We have created a rights respecting group which is composed of pupils from different year groups who are heavily in charge of achieving the RRS Silver award. From this group we have created a school charter to highlight our children’s rights focus as well as holding assemblies, extended form classes and lessons on the rights. Also we have encouraged both pupils and staff to participate in our surveys to discover their knowledge and understanding of the rights at the start and end of this school year. We did this to see the impact that our RRS journey has had on the school ethos and curriculum, as well as on pupils and staff.

As a result of this Graeme High School is now more educated on the rights of the child and what is strives for, this is key to obtain the rights respecting school silver award.

Aimee McQueen (S3)