Supporting our young people

Within Graeme High school we use a House system.  There are 4 Houses (Lockhart, Morrison, Steele and Thomson) this allows us to hold a structure which enables us to support all our young people through both universal supports (things that all pupils gain support for) and more targeted supports.   Each House team has a Depute Head Teacher (Head of House), Depute House Head (PT Pastoral), Faculty Heads of House and House Link teachers.  This team of people work closely to support all pupils through our form class structure.   Every young person is expected to attend form class every day.  This allows each form tutor to build a positive relationship with our students, getting to know them and monitoring their health and welfare. 

Alongside Numeracy and Literacy, Health and Well Being is a vital part of our young people’s development and learning journey.  It includes all aspects Physical, Social, Mental and Emotional and it is important that schools and parents/carers work together to ensure young people are reaching their potential. Within Graeme High, as in all Scottish Schools, we use Getting It Right For Every Child to monitor and support our young people.

Each student in Graeme High has a “Named Person”, this is their Depute Head of House.  The purpose of this role is to ensure that the young people are reaching their potential, thriving and being cared for.  They will be able to provide advice for young people and parents/carers and can link with other services to provide support if required.

Lockhart – Mrs Dunning                Morrison – Mrs Forbes                                     Named Person Information

Steele – Miss Bradley                     Thomson – Miss Ringrose

How do we support young people?

We have a range of supports available for young people.  We try to be as solution focused as possible so have a structure and process to follow to ensure that we track, monitor and support our young people.   The House teams meet regularly to discuss young people and strategic plans to help pupils.  The Named Person can arrange a Team Around the Child (TAC) meeting and this can involve people from a range of services, depending on the identified needs of the young person and family.  The Personal Support Team meet for each house once a month.  The purpose of this meeting is to again, track and monitor pupils.  Various supports can be put in place from personal support tutorials, small group interventions, one to one support and bespoke timetables.  The team will discuss each case and design a plan.  A further TAC can be called with the involvement of our Educational Psychologist who can provide us with advice and strategies to use in school. 

Support Hub

Within Graeme High the Depute Heads of House are based in the support hub.  Within this hub there are a few other people who support all young people in many ways. 

Ms Joanne Ellis – Community Learning and Development

Joanne has a few roles in school.  She currently runs a group called Connect through family learning approaches. Joanne supports young people and their families to make a positive transition from primary into secondary school.  Joanne also support pupils sometimes on a one to one and others in groups.  This is to build confidence, develop aspirations, improve attendance and raise attainment.

Mr Zander Murray – Skills Development Scotland Advisor (SDS)

Zander is our SDS careers advisor.  He works in school every day except a Wednesday.  He sees all pupils through PSE classes every year and any student in the school can request an appointment with him.  He works with specific groups of pupils and individuals to help them plan their transition from school into a positive destination.

PC Michael Ritchie – Police Scotland

PC Ritchie is our Campus Police Officer, he works closely with all students and staff in the school to ensure everyone is safe, healthy and achieving.  He works with our classes and our cluster schools to promote positive behaviours and appropriate social behaviours. 

Linda Bellingham – Relationship Scotland

Linda is our school counsellor.  She works in the school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week.  She works with pupils one to one offering sessions to listen, support and advise students about a range of issues.  Any student in Graeme High can see Linda, if an appointment is needed the relevant DHH would be able to book an appointment.