S1 Design and Manufacture

 Design and Manufacture allows pupils to work collaboratively on a Design Assignment project. Here they are challenged to design a product to fulfil a brief. Pupils are effectively engaged in design, modelling and evaluation. The finale of this project involves pupils presenting their ideas to a ‘Dragons’ Den’.

This course will introduce and develop the following skills:

Creative thinking
Model making

These skills are highly desirable for pursuing the following careers:

Industrial design
Product Design
Web Design
Transport Design


Flowers Ltd - Design Assignment

This assignment involved the pupils taking on the role of a product designer. In teams they were tasked with designing fixtures for a local florist. The fixtures that they had to design included a display unit for vases, workbench, bouquet stand and magazine display stand. The situation they were given is detailed below.


Flowers Ltd is a highly competitive flower shop, offering a wide range of flora and modern vases for a variety of different environments.

The company is currently undertaking a refurbishment program in all of its UK stores. This includes up to date styling of all its fixtures. There are 20 Flowers Ltd stores nation wide.

Your task is to produce a design proposal for one of 4 design specifications provided by Flowers Ltd. Your design proposal should meet all the requirements of the specification and should make use of the research material provided.



Graphic Communication


Practical Abilities