The Science Department strives to carry out its role in providing the highest standard of education by promoting knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts, facts, ideas and techniques and the applications of science in society and industry.

Physics makes us use our imagination and helps us to understand how and why things work. Many things we depend on, such as transport, power and modern technology are based on the laws of Physics.

Physics continues to become increasingly important for entry to Further and Higher Education Courses at all levels and is relevant for a great variety of jobs.


The Sky Is NOT The Limit

Melissa Nixon will be embarking on the opportunity to win a trip of a lifetime at NASA Houston in the autumn.

Melissa, along with another 120 S5 pupils from across Scotland, will be taking part in the Space School summer camp to try and earn a place on the trip. This camp takes place from 12th - 17th June where NASA personell including astronauts will be putting them through their academic paces.

Melissa has already done very well to even reach this stage of the competition and the Physics department wish her all the best and hope she enjoys the experience.

Scottish Space School Website