Computing Science Department Overview

Take a look at the world around you. Life without computers is almost unimaginable, from the phone in your pocket to the satellites above our heads, there’s nothing that doesn’t involve Computing in some way. In the Computing Science department we look to provide an exciting and innovative courses, readying students for the modern world.


S1 and S2 Computing Science

All pupils in S1 and S2 come to the Computing Science Department to develop skills in using technology that can then be applied in all subjects across the curriculum.

In Computing Science all pupils learn:

Designing and Creating a Comic

With the use of digital cameras, use of appropriate application software e.g. Comic Life.

What makes up a computer?

Looking at the hardware and software that makes your computer work. Understanding the different parts of the computer, like the RAM and the Processor and understanding what they do.


Using the SCRATCH application (which can be downloaded from here) learners develop and understand computer programming. The learners are encouraged to design their own games using the skills they develop over a series of tasks.

Sound and Photo Editing

Using appropriate applications, learners develop and understand skills to digitally sound and music files. They will create their own recordings and edit them to make professional sounding productions. Learners will also learn the skills to change the appearance of photographs. Pupils will learn to manipulate images, changing who appears and the backgrounds. Who says the camera never lies?

Course Outline

Software Design and Development

In this unit you will be using a programming language to design, create and test a variety of computer programs. You will also learn about how computers store information and how processors are designed.

Information System Design and Development

In this unit you will be designing an creating a variety of information systems including databases, networks and web sites and studying the computer hardware and software which are needed to make them safe, secure and easy to use.