Welcome to our Library Resource Centre

At Graeme High, our Library Resource Centre is staffed by our Librarian, Mrs Sargeant and our Library Assistant, Mrs McNee.

The Library Resource Centre is well equipped with a large selection of books and other reference materials for pupils and staff to borrow, or use the area for independent study.

The library resource centre has teen fiction, senior fiction and fast reads along with a selection of Manga and graphic novels.

There are books to support the curriculum and for general interest with study guides available on a short loan basis.

Current prospectuses and careers leaflets are available in the study / class area provided by our Careers Advisor, Mr Murray

We are also delighted to have a small reference section which also has a local collection.

Recently, we added a section dedicated to staff specific resources and material relating to staff continued professional development. 

We also have a large computer area with 30 pupil PCs that may be reserved for class teaching or research, or used by senior pupils during study time.  These are maintained regularly by the School ICT Technician and are kept up to date with the latest software for pupils to use.