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RMPS Department Overview

The skills you learn in RMPS will help you in many ways through your school career and into adulthood. You will be able to clarify and express your own ideas, listen to - evaluate and understand - the opinions of others. You will be able to read and respond to different texts, whether to agree or disagree with what is being said. You will be encouraged to develop your own ideas and opinions in response to various arguments. You will argue, debate, learn and express yourself in so many different ways.

The aim of the RMPS department is to help create successful, confident and responsible young adults who have the required skills to live and work in a multicultural Scotland. At University and College level RMPS and Philosophy remain popular choices.

Why is RMPS such an important subject?

Religion plays an important role in many peoples' lives, and everyone, whether they are religious or not, has to make moral decisions. Philosophy can help us to think about the big questions in life. RMPS deals with important topics and questions about the meaning and purpose of life. People who study RMPS also learn important skills such as listening, researching and evaluating.


What do we do?

We are living in a world of change and fear, where terrorism and crime is in our thoughts. The study of Religion, Morality and Philosophy are as important now as ever. Universities and colleges see RMPS as a valued and important subject that opens up doors to a variety of qualifications at university and college.

Join us on a journey around cultures all diverse. Pondering the ultimate questions about the universe, we'll stop off at moral beliefs on our way, wondering how we got there and where we are going to?

Stay with us through 5th and 6th year, and you can really stretch your imagination. Travel back in time or question the future, and create your own investigation.

Pupils in S1 and S2 cover a variety of topics at Level 3. In S1 pupils look at symbolism, religious symbols and visit a local church. They study Islam and also visit a local Mosque. Their Morality unit involves them being deserted on an island and having to create their own rules to live by. They also decide what the most important questions in the world are, and discover that they are nearly all philosophical questions.

In S2, pupils look at morality through the dilemmas facing a Dutch family trying to help Jews during the Second World War.

They study Judaism and complete a project on Jewish Festivals. They investigate the historical / religious question “Who was to blame for the death of Jesus?” and also explore what people understand by the word “God.

These two years of RME help build the skills needed to move forward with RMPS in S3.

Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies in S3

Pupils who choose to study RMPS as part of their S3 pathway will further develop their knowledge and skills at Level 4, and explore topics within the new National 4 and National 5 courses. This will provide a good platform for those who wish to continue their studies in RMPS in S4.

RMPS provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to explore their own beliefs and values, and to develop an appreciation of the beliefs and values of others.

Pupils will develop analytical and evaluative skills which are of relevance in a wide range of subject areas. All candidates will also be in an ideal position to develop as mature members of society who can contribute from a position of understanding, tolerance and respect for others.