Geography Department

Geography studies the human and physical environments and how they interact, as well as real world issues like pollution, climate change, poverty and over-population.

It provides students with practical skills such as map reading and data collection, and transferable skills like report writing, IT literacy and evaluating sources. Geography is welcomed as a university entrance qualification in both arts and sciences as it provides a flexible grounding in many different skills.

Geography can lead to a huge variety of careers including architecture, environmental health, surveying, planning and tourism, and Geographers play an active part in shaping tomorrow’s world.


Curriculum for Excellence

We are doing things a little bit differently.

At Graeme High School we have completely reorganised and redesigned our S1 & S2 Geography courses to ensure that all of our pupils meet as many of the Experiences and Outcomes as possible.

Our new courses are interactive, challenging and chocked full of interesting learning experiences.

As participants in these courses, our pupils have the opportunity to collaborate with their classmates, investigate, research, present and possibly carry out fieldwork.

S3 and S4 Geography

This is a challenging, interesting and dynamic course that will introduce you people and places from all over the world.

In S3 Geography we will take you on a whirlwind tour of the world. Learn how our landscapes have been created, understand the dynamics of tornadoes and research the causes and effects of the Japanese tsunami in 2011. We will also introduce you to the skills you will need in National Geography - map work, land use and fieldsketching.

In S4 Geography you will embark on your certificated courses, either National 4 or National 5. Take more of an in-depth look at our landscapes, our way of life, our weather and how we compare to other countries around the world.

Higher Geography Course

In this one year course you will learn all about our human and physical environments and how they interact. Through the new Higher Geography course you will gain a deeper understanding of the geographical processes that shape our world, This year, an assignment has been introduced - this will allow you to utilise your geographical skills, and potentially achieve 33% of your final grade.

You will study 7 core topics and 2 global issues. These are Hydrosphere, Lithosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere, Population, Urban, Rural Land Degradation, River Basin Management (or Climate Change) and Development and Health.

Skills for Work: Travel & Tourism at Graeme High School

We offer this course at two levels: National 4 and National 5.


Since 2014, this course is entirely assessed internally (no exam!).

National 4 and National 5

The same topics are studied for both levels, with National 5 written work requiring more detail and explanation than National 4.

This new Skills for Work course has much more emphasis on career prospects and preparing you for the world of work than the previous courses.

Topics studied are:

The History of Travel and Tourism
UK and Worldwide
Customer Service and