Personalisation Pathways and Course Choice

Personalisation Pathways is for S2 pupils who are planning the start of their learner journey into S3.

Course Choice is for all senior phase students, S4 and S5 who are planning their curriculum.


My Futures Convention - Wednesday 27th February 2019 6 - 8pm


It is important to do your research before selecting your subject areas or choosing your courses.  You need to make sure that the subjects you are choosing are the right ones for the career you may be interested in.  If you are not sure then loook at the areas you enjoy and are more successful in.

Use the links below to websites to find out about your personality and strengths, then you can link it to possible careers that may interest you.  Check the qualifications and wider experiences they are looking for. 

My World of Work          UCAS         Planitplus          Planit Plus - Apprenticeships    Apprenticeships

Forthvalley College        City Of Glasgow College     Edinburgh College



Skills Development Scotland - Careers Support

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) deliver sessions to all our PSE classes S1-S6.  Zander Murray is also available in school to give one to one advice to all our students. You can book an appointment with him through the school website or by asking the Depute House Head.  SDS will also be available on the parents evenings and the My Futures Convention to answer questions and offer advice.

DHH Interviews

Every student in S2, S4 and S5 will be allocated a time to meet with their Depute House Head.  At this time you will go with your plans and you will be given an opportunity to discuss and ensure the plan is the correct one for you.  If you are unsure about what to do it would be helpful to see your DHH beforehand. 

Graeme High Booklets

Please take time to read these booklets!!

They show you EXACTLY what will be expected of you in courses.  A common mistake is for pupils to confuse subjects in each faculty.  For example please make sure you know the difference between Administration and Business, Graphic Communication and Design & Manufacture and the sciences.  Another common issue is that people choose practical subjects such as PE, Drama and Music.  Be sure you are prepared to participate in swimming, gymnastics, act in front of people and learn an instrument.

If you would like a hard copy of these booklets please ask at the school office.