Explore all your options

There are a wide range of opportunities available to young people coming out of school.  College and University set people up for further learning and careers but if those routes are not what you want there are a number of other options. 

Apprenticeships allow people to learn, work, gain experience and earn money at the same time, many are skills based so really hands on practical work.

Education Training Unit - this is a fantastic way to have your skills assessed, be placed in a training programme doing something you enjoy and many of these opportunities lead to full time apprenticeships or jobs.

Not ready for the world of work? - There are a range of options from Activity Agreements (one to one support to look at employability skills) and Link Academy (offer a range of courses to help young people get ready for work and independant living)



There are different types of apprenticeships.

Foundation Apprenticeships - These are programmes you would merge with your school timetable with the aim of leaving school with the correct qualifications and go into that career path straight away. 

Modern Apprenticeships - This is where you would leave school and enter into the world of work straight away.  You would learn in that chosen job and be paid at the same time. 

Graduate Apprenticeships - This is where you would have finished a College or University course and go into a workplace as a learner to further develop your skills.

Education Training Unit

If you are 16 yrs or older and are planning to leave school you may want to consider the ETU.  Everyone who applies is asked to complete Core Skills Assessment and then apply for a range of jobs opportunities. 

Use the link below to read more about it on the council website or see the advert which you can download.

ETU - Employment Training Unit

Link Academy

This is a new set of courses offered by Link Living.  They are for 16-24 year olds and focus on preparing young people for independant living and employability.  Click on the link to find out more.

Link Living

16+ Activity Agreements

Any young person over 16 who has left school can go on an Activity Agreement.  A referral is made by your school teacher and a member of Community Learning and Development will contact you.  This is one to one support to help young people get into the world of work, training or further education.