Looking After Yourself

In order to aspire, attain and achieve you need to be healthy and happy.  There are many times in school that could cause someone's wellbeing to deteriorate.  Throughout your time in school we have a range of tasks that help us to monitor you health and wellbeing but please be sure to speak to someone if you feel you need some help. 

Bullying Behaviours

Within Graeme High we try to promote positive relationships.  This is the best way for us all to get on and do our best whether you are a pupil, teacher or member of support staff.  Respect is the most important thing, if you act in a respectful way towards others then you can expect that they would treat you the same way.  You cannot control what others THINK, SAY or DO but you can control yourself in these ways. 

Bullying behaviour is when someone feels hurt, threatened, frightened and left out by someone else.  It can happen online and face to face.  Graeme High has an antibullying policy and all teachers have a 'duty of care' towards all of our pupils.  If you feel you are experiencing bullying behaviours you must be sure to report it to a member of staff. 

You can keep yourself safe by staying in school social areas during break and lunch where there is a staff presence.  You can also use social media wisely by checking your contact lists, ensuring it is only good friends who you are connected with and block anyone you do not know. 

Click this link for some more help and advice.  Respect Me Website

Helping Hand