ESH - Building My Skills

Who are ESH?

Esh Group has been working with a range of business partners for 5 years to develop the Building My Skills programme – a yearlong employability skills programme – which provides students with a rounded introduction to the world of work through regular, timetabled business engagement as part of the curriculum.


Building My Skills is delivered free throughout Scotland, Yorkshire, the North East and North West, and recently won Business in the Community’s National Big Tick for School Partnership in July 2015.


The programme’s success is built on a collaboration of over 100 businesses and 74 school partners, which this year have engaged over 9,000 students generating over 45,000 hours of learner engagement.




All students receive 5 x 1 hour long guidance sessions over the course of the academic year structured to provide an insight into the speakers career path, sector, valued employability skills and are supported to complete a ‘checkpoint’ – a piece of their ‘employability portfolio’.


Students who complete the employability portfolio are invited to a regional mock interview day. This, in turn, has led to promising students being offered work experience, apprenticeships and opportunities for employment.


Tasks and Deadlines

After each checkpoint, pupils will need to complete the task set during the session which they have attended.


The 'checkpoints' can be found in the link below

Pupils must hand in their completed check point task to their DHH by the set deadline