Useful Apps and Websites

The Lockhart Learning Council Task for 2014 - 2015

The Lockhart House Learning Task has focussed on tablets / smart devices which can be used to help learning at home and within school and the Lockhart pupils along with staff have started to list apps or links to websites which may be used to help your learning / organisation / health and wellbeing.

Each department has its own page for useful applications and websites so remember to check these out too.

In addition to this each department has placed a large number of resources on 'Glow' for pupils to access. In the event of the school being closed due to adverse weather conditions, pupils should log in to GLOW to find resources which will allow them to continue working from home.

If there are any issues accessing glow, such as not knowing your username or password, please send an email to: describing your problem and a member of staff will send you the required details.

Go to 'Glow' login