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S2 Pathways and S4/5 Course Choice

Within Graeme High our young people have a number of opportunities to personalise their journey through school. 

S1&2 – Broad General Education, all pupils are given opportunities to learn through all subjects

S3&4 – Broad Curricular choices into National 4 or 5

S5&6 – Nationals, Highers, Wider Achievement qualifications and awards.

In S1-3 we offer a Broad General Education where pupils experience a range of subjects through our faculties.  In the spring of S2 pupils will be given the opportunity to personalise their pathway by choosing subjects within each broad curricular area.  This allows pupils to choose the subjects they enjoy and are most likely to be successful in.  This starts their pathway towards their chosen career and allows them to build foundations for qualifications into S4. 

In S4 pupils will complete national qualifications and choose courses for S5. It is vital at this point that pupils do their research and really take time to consider the best curriculum plan for them.  This may take the form of 5 Higher qualifications, a mixture of Highers and more nationals, wider achievement qualifications or awards. 


We cannot stress enough the importance of research for both S2 into S3 Pathways and S4 & 5 course choice processes.  You can support your young person by helping them look into careers, jobs and opportunities.  Many of these options can be found online.  A good starting place is My World of Work.

My World of Work


Planit Plus

Education Training Unit


How do we support young people?

There are a number of supports offered to all young people around these processes. 

Personal and Social Education – All pupils from S1-6 experience one period a week of this subject.  Careers education is a huge topic within the class and teachers will take S2 and S4/5 pupils through the process.  Pupils complete personal reflection tasks which helps guide them through making decisions and staff will explain the whole process. 

Depute House Heads – Each young person has an interview with the DHH and this is where final decisions are made.  Pupils are welcome to see their DHH before the interview time for advice.

Skills Development Scotland – Zander, our careers advisor visits all PSE classes and delivers lessons specifically for pathways and choices.  He also is available for one to one interviews in the run up and during the processes.  We would urge anyone considering leaving school to see Zander as soon as possible.  It is his role to monitor and track pupils ensuring they have positive destination when leaving school.

Parent forum

The best advice to give the young people is that they should be choosing subjects that they enjoy and have strength in, this is likely to lead to the most success, furthest pathway and sustained motivation. 

The booklets detailing information on our courses are on these pages as PDF files.  If you have further questions, contact the relevant DHH for your young person. 

The link below has information from the National Parent Forum of Scotland, you will see it gives you a clear picture of what your young person will be studying.  

Nationals in a Nutshell