P7 Transition - FAQs

Uniform – What To Wear/Outdoor Jackets

Graeme High School has a strict uniform policy where pupils are expected to wear a white shirt/blouse, black trousers/skirt (no jeans or leggings), a school tie and a blazer. If a pupil wishes to wear a jumper or cardigan, this must be plain black and must not have a hood – sports zipped jackets/tops are also not permitted.

Pupils are also encouraged to wear a blazer. Blazers are the only outdoor clothing permitted to be worn in the school teaching block and classrooms. All other outdoor jackets must be removed when entering the school building.

The appropriate clothing and footwear for PE is a plain white T-shirt, navy/black plain shorts, leggings and gym shoes with non-marking soles.


Ties will be delivered to primary schools with pupil timetables in the last week of the summer term. For those pupils out with catchment, timetables and ties will be posted direct to the family home.

Absences – Calling In/Group Call

If your child is going to be absent from school, please call in and report this to the school office. If your child is marked absent and no telephone call has been received, you will receive a Group Call text message informing you of their absence. Please call in to confirm your child's absence and reason at this point.

Please provide a note to cover the absence on their return to school.

Illness In School – Procedure For Going Home

If your child is unwell they should report to the medical attendant. If they need to go home, the medical attendant will contact you to come and collect your child. If you are unable to collect your child, they will either remain in the medical suite until the end of the school day, or be collected by an adult who you have informed us has permission to collect them.

The medical attendant will update your child’s register.

If you wish to remove your child from school at any point during the school day and have not provided a note in advance, you must contact the school office. The office will give your child a permission slip to be signed by their Depute Head of House or Link Depute Head Teacher, confirming that they have permission to leave the school grounds.

The office will update your child’s register.

Mobile Phones/Tablets – School Policy

If your child brings their mobile phone to school, the school cannot accept responsibility for its care. The school does not accept any liability for the loss or damage of mobile phones.

The use of mobile phones is forbidden within classrooms unless prior consent or instruction has been given to your child by the class teacher. If your child attempts to use their phone in class without permission, the class teacher will remove their phone from them until the end of the lesson.

If you wish to contact your child during school hours, please telephone the school office.

Communication – Depute Head of House or Faculty Head?

The Deputy Heads of House have an overview of your child. If you have a concern regarding attendance, latecoming, personal issues, social issues, engagement with school (more than one subject) or any other general query, please contact your child’s Depute Head of House.

If you have a query regarding a particular subject please contact the Faculty Head of that subject area. The names of the appropriate Faculty Head can be found in the school handbook which can be found on the title page of the school information section of the school website. If you are in doubt please ask an office staff member by calling the schools telephone number.

Additional Support Needs – Provision In And Out Of School

As mentioned, if you have a query regarding the learning needs of your child and/or you feel that your child may require additional support, please contact the Faculty Head of Support for Learning.

Lunch – Cards And Free School Meals.

Free meals are provided for many pupils. Parents who feel that the level of their income may entitle their children to free school meals should seek further information and an application form which is available from the School Office or online at - free school meals

Families in receipt of Income Support automatically qualify for free meals on application but you do however still need to apply. A new application must be made each year to receive school meals.

The school cafeteria operates a cashless catering system. Each pupil will receive their own cashless catering card which can be topped up with credit at machine in the social area or dining hall. You can now also top up your child’s card via our website under ‘Online payments’. Please read and follow the instructions contained here to complete your payment. Pupils can also pre-order meals using the machines in the social space and dining hall.

Parents are advised that these machines only accept coins.

Pupils who are entitled to free school meals will have their cards automatically topped up each day. It is vital that pupils bring their cards each day and take personal responsibility for looking after them.

We may require to charge a fee for lost or damaged cards that require to be replaced.

Toilet Passes / Medicines

There is an expectation from class teachers that all pupils visit the toilets before the start of the school day, at interval and at lunchtime and that they do no visit the toilet during class time. If your child has a medical condition that requires them to use the toilet during class times, please speak to your Depute Head of House who can issue a toilet pass if appropriate.

If your child requires to take medicine throughout the school day, it can be stored safely by the medical attendant. Please contact the medical attendant, who can arrange this.

Bus Passes

Free school transport is awarded to pupils who meet distance entitlement criteria. If Graeme High School is the catchment school, a pupil must live more than two miles away from the school to receive a pass. Distances are measured using the nearest available safe walking route and assumes that children will be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Children starting Graeme High School at the start of their S1 are normally notified automatically if they are entitled to free school transport by the end of June and will receive their bus pass through the post before the start of term. This will automatically be issued to them in subsequent years.

Parents/Carers will have to fill in an application form if they move house or are enrolling at a new school during the school term.

An application form for free school transport is available from the school office or online –


Please note that all applications forms must be stamped by the school. Bus pass forms should be returned to the primary school who will send them on to the authority. Bus passes will then be sent direct to pupil homes if they are eligible for transport.


Homework is regularly issued in all subjects areas and is at the discretion of the class teacher. An S1 pupil would be expected to complete around 30-40 minutes of homework every night as a rough guide. As they move up the school, the volume of homework they receive will increase to around 2-3 hours per night in their senior phase.

Homework can be in different forms, such as:

  • planned tasks built into a programme of work which feed into and reinforce work done in the classroom
  • self contained or separate pieces of work which run parallel to class work, e.g., ink exercises, homework sheets etc
  • tasks which arise from ideas or work completed in particular lessons
  • preparation for class work
  • revision of work covered in class
  • preparation for end of topic/unit assessments

 Pupils will be expected to:

  • record homework which is issued
  • complete and hand in all homework tasks on time
  • supplement work in school with study out of school
  • revise and review their work regularly, even when not given formal homework by teachers


Graeme High School has excellent sports facilities. These have been well utilised over the years and Graeme High School pupils have had many sporting successes and a significant number of Scottish and U.K. representative honours. The clubs run from year to year can change. A full list is given to the pupils at the start of the year.