What is Family Learning?

Family learning encourages family members to learn together and to see learning as a great thing we can all do throughout our lives – every day’s a school day!  It’s sharing the love of learning and the need for learning with our children. 

The ‘Family Learning Network, 2016’ tells us that studies show family learning is one of the most powerful tools we have to change educational disadvantage.  So it’s good for you, but more importantly, it’s good for children.

Parents and carers can model being good learners, keep on learning themselves and sharing learning with their children.  In Graeme High, some family learning activities are specifically designed to support parents in a very targeted way.  For example, we have Positive Families, Connect in partnership with CLD, Nurture Parents Drop-In and Lads & Dads.

Others are in response to many of the requests you have made for learning as a parent or carer.  We will keep working to provide more and better opportunities, resources in response to your suggestions.  Have a look to see if there is anything here that you might find helpful.