Vision, Value & Aims

Our Vision

Our aim in Graeme High School is to develop the talents of each individual pupil as fully as possible within a pleasant and orderly environment.

Pupils are encouraged to set their own personal standards of excellence in all aspects of their lives—the academic, the practical, the sporting and in their social development.

Members of staff attempt to help our pupils achieve these standards by adopting levels of expectation which are both realistic and demanding.  We aim to foster a sense of pride in achievement in each of our pupils

Our Values

Our values have been  recently changed to reflect the views of our current pupils and their parents/carers. 

Staff, pupils and parents all had a significant input into these values

Our Aims

We strive to deliver our vision in providing the highest standards of education by:

  • Encouraging the pursuit of personal excellence in our pupils through the promotion of their academic, aesthetic, personal and physical development.
  • Promoting the social, moral and spiritual development of our pupils.
  • Encouraging the capacity for independent thought in our pupils through the promotion of enquiry, reasoning and problem solving.
  • Creating an orderly environment, which is conducive to effective learning.
  • Providing a safe, friendly and caring environment within which we value our pupils as individuals and in which they are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and their learning.
  • Encouraging pupils to take a pride in their own achievements, in their school, in their community and their country.
  • Encouraging a partnership approach to the provision of educational excellence involving parents, support agencies, the local and business communities.
  • Supporting continuous staff development to ensure our staff are as well-equipped as possible to deliver high quality education.
  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle for pupils and staff.