In the afternoon, all school buses returning from Graeme High School load at the bus loading bays at the town center side of the school. For their own safety and that of others, pupils must promptly and carefully obey the instructions of the senior staff who supervise the bus queues from 2.45pm and 3.35pm, depending on the school finish time.

The Authority provides free transport at the beginning and end of the school day for those pupils attending their local school where the distance between home and school, as measured by the shortest reasonable walking route, is three or more miles.

Application forms are available from our school office, and completed forms should be returned to:

Falkirk Council
Transport Planning Unit
Abbtsford House
David’s Loan

Lost bus passes must be replaced by parents who should contact the school Transport Helpline on 01324 504966/ 01324 504724.

Pupils must obey the School Rules while travelling to and from school. Misbehaviour on school transport can cause a risk to the safety of all passengers being transported as well as other road users and pedestrians. 

All students must:

Remain seated when the vehicle is in motion and wear a seatbelt if one is available.

Never distract the driver, touch the vehicle door controls or interfere with any emergency equipment unless an emergency occurs.

In the event of misbehaviour, pupils may be banned from school transport, in which case parents will be responsible for getting them to/ from school.