Positive Relationships and Rewards

House Points

Pupils at Graeme High School are divided into three houses. Throughout the year students earn house points for good attendance, behaviour and effort. There are also a number of house events where pupils compete for House points in sports, quizzes, talent shows and novelty activities.

Positive Behaviour and Relationships

Graeme High School is a restorative Community, where by interacting with each other in a positive manner, we continue to improve our school values and ethos. We resolve issues through our commitment to Restorative Practices. To maintain positive relationships, we use a 3 step restorative conversation process. Parents, pupils and teachers are entitled to expect an atmosphere free from disruptive distractions to prevail in classrooms, and conditions of safety and calm to prevail in corridors and playground. Graeme High School also has a zero tolerance approach to pupils who carry weapons.   It is this community’s clear expectation that no pupil, under any circumstances, should be in possession of any weapon within school.

We have a robust plan in place if such a circumstance occurred. The sanctions which we employ in instances of misconduct range from a verbal rebuke and written punishment exercise to exclusion from school for pupils guilty of serious or persistent misbehaviour. However, it is our experience that problems tend to be resolved quite easily when the school enjoys the whole-hearted, consistent support of parents/carers.

Pupils can earn CAP (Curriculum Achievement Points)  through working hard in classes, doing well in assessments or contributing well to class activities.  These points are awarded by class teachers in recognition of pupils who consistently work well in their class.  Pupils can also achieve WAP (Wider Achievement Points) through participation in extra-curricular clubs, whole school events and Inter-house events.  To be eligible for reward trips, pupils are required to achieved both CAP and WAP points.