Parent Council

Graeme High School as an active and vibrant Parent Council.  Our parent council play an active role in our school improvement planning and play an important role in consultation, feedback, implementation and review of key school improvements and school policy.

The three essential ingredients for successful parent participation are:

             1. Good information

             2. Honest consultation

             3. Effective participation

Here at Graeme High, being involved with our Parent Council is recognised as the best way to achieve this. The Parent Council has a responsibility to encourage the partnership between the school and parents and with the wider community. 

All parents or carers are part of the Parent Forum which then elects the parent members of the Parent Council.  If you are interested in becoming part of the Parent Council, please contact your child’s Depute Head Teacher.

The Parent Council may be contacted in writing or by telephoning Graeme High School.   The Council must report its activities to all parents at least once a year, which it does at the A.G.M. It also places inserts in the school’s termly newsletter to parents.