Additional Curriculum

A part of the week is devoted to areas such as Physical Education, Personal and Social Education and Religious and Moral Education.

Physical Education

All students are expected to participate in physical education activities. If a pupil is injured or has an ailment affecting participation, he/she should bring a note to explain this.  There are a range of  activities undertaken in a PE lesson and it is often possible for a suitable alternative activity to be undertaken without aggravating the ailment.

Religious and Moral Education

All pupils from first year to fourth year experience Religious & Moral Education.  This is concerned both with the study of religious beliefs and practices and also with the pupil’s own search for meaning, value and purpose in life.

Religious Obervance

Acts of religious observance are characterised by the opportunities they afford pupils to reflect on their role in the world, their relationship with others and their personal beliefs.  Such opportunities are provided by means of religious assemblies and services as well as by visits from various members of the clergy to individual classes at appropriate points throughout the session. Through our Equal Opportunities policy, opportunities are taken to ensure that all our pupils appreciate that we live in a multicultural society and also to emphasise that the contributions of all ethnic groups to that society are equally valued.


Regular assemblies are held which enable pupils to share together and celebrate those things which we value. They also provide opportunities for pupils to reflect on moral concerns. These are opportunities within the cycle of assemblies to reflect on local and national issues as well as important school business. We also invite speakers to school assemblies to discuss the work of a broad range of caring and charitable organisations.


Throughout the school, Personal and Social Education is offered by Depute House Heads and a good many invited outside speakers.  Supported by contributions from other departments, the programme aims to support pupils with their education and give them opportunity to learn about and discuss issues relevant to their lives. The emphasis within the Personal and Social Education programme varies depending upon the age of the pupil.

Graeme High School tries to involve the pupils in a variety of community work, public service and assistance with charities. From time to time pupils are taken or allowed out of school to pursue curricular work. These occasions are an integral part of the on-going courses of study