It is important to do your research before selecting your subject areas or choosing your courses.  Use My World of Work and Planit Plus to find out about your personality and strengths, then you can link it to possible careers that may interest you. 

UCAS, MappIt and the College websites will help you consider courses and apprenticeships.

Look at the qualifications you will need for future destinations. 

Consider what the course requirements are, what you will be expected to do in school and at home.  (for example amounts of independent study and presentations in class)



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Careers Advice

Skills Development Scotland deliver sessions to all our PSE classes S1-S3.  Karen Stewart is also available in school to give one to one advice to all our students. 

You can book an appointment with her through the school website or by asking the Depute House Head.  SDS will also be available on the information evenings to answer questions and offer advice.

DHH Interviews

Every student in S2, S4 and S5 will be allocated a time to meet with their Depute House Head.  At this time you will go with your plans and you will be given an opportunity to discuss and ensure the plan is the correct one for you. 

Personalisation Pathways and Course Choice Booklets

PDF versions of the booklets are available on the school website, click PDF below.  We can also email them to you or provide you with a paper copy on request through the school office.


Download S2 into S3 Personalisation Pathways Booklet 17-18
Download Pathways Planning Sheet
Download S2 into S3 Personalisation Pathways Sheet 17-18
Download S4-6 Senior Phase Course Choice Form 17-18
Download Senior Phase Course Choice Booklet 17-18