How do we support young people and their families?

We have a range of supports available for young people.  We try to be as solution focused as possible so have a structure and process to follow to ensure that we track, monitor and support our young people.   Each house within the school holds a monitoring sheet which tracks pupils and the supports they need.  Certain pupils will be discussed at the meeting to check they are receiving all the supports required.  The Named Person can arrange a Team Around the Child (TAC) meeting and this can involve people from a range of services, depending on the identified needs of the child and family.  The Personal Support Team meet for each house once a month.  The purpose of this meeting is to again, track and monitor pupils.  Various supports can be put in place from personal support tutorials, small group interventions, one to one support and bespoke timetables.  The team will discuss each case and design a plan.  A further TAC can be called with the involvement of our Educational Psychologist who can provide us with advice and strategies to use in school.